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Ipsum Sola is still in beta but public release is soon imminent. The performance software can be used in a wide variety of ways, from sound design to electroacoustic performance and everything in-between. It specializes in live recording and on-the-fly real-time manipulation of audio streams. Be it live recording of a  pencil, a tupperware container, a tin can or some voice with guitar. The possibilities are endless with Ipsum Sola. 

More information and demos to come soon.
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We are proud to announce the addition of multi-channel support of up to 32 loudspeakers which will be available with the pro version of Ipsum Sola. Over the next couple weeks we are going to be conducting research in the field of Amplitude Panning Modulation with the aid of Ipsum Sola's built in panning mechanisms. There is al multitude of sonic possibilites with this addition to the software. Look for future updates.

To hear a recent example of the flexibility of Ipsum Sola, listen to J. J. Hartmanns new piece 'I Am' which uses Ipsum sola extensively for the production and manipulation in the sonic characteristics of the piece. Unfortunately, only the stereo version is compatible online; but If you want to hear Ipsum Sola's spatialization abilities in action, contact us and we will send you the octophonic stems for 'I Am' ! 

Performing with Ipsum Sola and Kenaxis at The Wearable Art Awards. Photo credit Remy Siu

Performing with Ipsum Sola and Kenaxis at The Wearable Art Awards. Photo credit Remy Siu

Sound Demo One

The demo below is completely processed and rendered in Ipsum Sola during a live jam/improv session. Composer Lynn Yang on Ipsum Sola and J. J. Hartmann on ukulele, performed this piece live and on the spot March 11, 2013. What you hear is a segment form a 16 minute session were no other samples or processing was used. It is purely the ukulele processed in real-time by Ipsum Sola. This is just a small glimpse of the possibiliteis and capabilities of Ipsum Sola. More to come soon......

What is Ipsum Sola?

Ipsum Sola is an experimental performance platform being developed to address specific issues in electronic music performativity. Specifically, it looks to enhance the performers ability to manipulate audio streams in a sonically interesting and dynamic way. 

In order to do this, Ipsum Sola uses the power of parallel  processing to render incoming audio, live samples, or pre-set samples through various effect processes. On board there are a total of 8 parallel lines: Glitch Delay, BitCrusher, Ring Modulator, Glitch Factory 1, Glitch Factory 2, Morphology (Granularization), and Dry Out.  


A detailed list of the effect region are as follows:

Glitch Delay
Create extreme, sharp, long, short, or moving delays that can be pushed to extreme levels. This predictably unpredictable delay line can easily make massively moving sonic gestures

Create static and noise by tearing the audio apart sample by sample. Paired with its own distortion, it can create interesting dynamic textures. 

Ring Modulator
A ring modulator with a difference. Manipulate various incoming audio paths by multiplying their waveforms with other audio streams, it’s not just a single sine tone. 

Glitch Factory 1 & 2
Both of these processors slice up local or live sampled tracks to create interesting beat sequences. Controlling the playback slice speed will generate different and interesting textures. 

Unlock the hidden secrets or your sample by infinitely slowing the sample down to extract its pure sonic essences.  

Note: The user manual will  reveal more in-depth details and controllability.  

Midi and OSC
Virtually all controls in Ipsum Sola can be paired and used with either a MIDI controller or OSC interface.


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